Our Products


Providing advanced energy storage products since 2012, Alpha-ESS is powered by extensive international experience in the new energy and lithium battery industry.

GTL Renewable

GTL provides access to renewable energy in a cost effective way and seeks to benefit as many consumers as possible with its single solar technology, installation and finance solution.

Why us?


AlphaRegional’s track record of success comes from its workforce, which has over 150 years of combined commercial and managerial experience throughout every region in Australia.

Technology & Tools

Our state-of-the-art Solar Licensed Branch Distributor (LBD) System integrates customer financial benefits, government & distributor applications, property profiling, solar deposits, performance, and supply chain management.


AlphaRegional strives to provide the most competitive, high-quality energy savings solutions and technologies you will find anywhere in the country.


We partner with a family of like-minded professional tradespeople and business owners working in the renewable energy industry to move the country toward a clean energy future.


Our products and services are world class and award winning, and LBDs should expect the same level of professional support in all respects from end-to-end.

Locally Owned & Operated

We take great pride in being locally-based through our LBDs partnerships and in giving back to the community by providing a secure economic future through our technology-based products and services.

Why Solar?