About Us

AlphaRegional is poised to gain maximum market penetration and market share by providing unparalleled hands-on service to local communities in association with well-established, locally-based, and highly-respected businesses.

It is a known fact that local customers prefer to empower locally-based, small to mid-size businesses with their hard-earned money, thus playing an integral part in value-adding to their local communities.

Our vision is spearheaded by Klaus Behnfeld, CEO, at Australian Business Development (ABD), whose 40+ years’ of experience afforded him with an excellent and intimate knowledge of the Australia’s immense and varying demographics. His professional experience served Klaus considerably as he identified a significant problem with servicing certain places in the country: namely, that regional and rural areas in Australia relied heavily on product supply from city-based businesses, which often caused major delays on top of other problems along the supply chain.

Klaus brings his tremendous experience in a range of diverse fields to bear through the NeXuS system, allowing ABD to develop, distribute, and market new product lines and technologies for the global market.

Alpha-ESS and GTL Renewable have partnered with AlphaRegional to distribute their product range and technologies throughout Australia and New Zealand via the AlphaRegional Licensed Branch Distributor (LBD) network providing a personal service to local communities.

To support this forecast growth, AlphaRegional has awarded the mandate to AlphaRegional Sales Pty Ltd for sound sales and marketing advice to assemble an exclusive national sales network and sales management and representatives, to consistently meet realistic sales targets.

The network will soon be duplicated into other regions and rural areas of the continent, including NSW, Queensland, and New Zealand.