Group Philosophy

In order to meet our strategic criteria for marketing and distribution, AlphaRegional will, as appropriate, use our energy saving products, services, and solutions under separate, wholly-owned subsidiary proprietary companies of the parent. This organizational arrangement offers the optimal flexibility in protecting AlphaRegional’s interests and intellectual property, while over time effectively working with the growth and marketing of separate entities.

Due to the rigour of AlphaRegional’s licensed NeXus methodology along with the attention to the availability of resources at any relevant time, the need to investigate, qualify, acquire, and establish additional portfolio products, AlphaRegional suggests a period of two to three years between each new addition.

Eventually, all new product development and selection will be driven by the merits of the opportunities presented, as well as the degree to which it fits with the Group as it pertains to skills and resources available at that time, to ensure minimal disruption to the existing core business and product lines.

When AlphaRegional’s product volumes reach or exceed pre-determined levels that authorize the use of local production rather than importation, the Group will arrange for local production to commence as is deemed appropriate.