• Value-adding to the local community, its people and their dreams
  • Value-adding to and contributing with our products to create a better environment
  • Value-adding to the local economy and re-investing locally through our products and solutions to local government and the local business community
  • Our goal is to contribute to local employment and business opportunities, wherever we establish “Licensed Branch Distributors” (LBDs) and Strategic Alliances
  • Our locally-based business unit will contribute to building a sustainable future for the local community
  • We are committed to involve local people in our business enterprise and to re-invest our earnings into the local community.
  • Our business is built on local input and trust, all factors to bring success and strength to the local community
  • The AlphaRegional local LBD will deliver technology, know-how and employment opportunities for local people
  • It will always remain our priority to first and foremost make a meaningful contribution to the local community and to enhance local prosperity through our technology and know-how.

  • We believe in a win-win solution for all where the rewards of our success are shared with all of the local community and make a positive impact on the social and economic fabric of local society.
  • We pride ourselves in being locally-based through our LBDs and further contributing to a strong local community making our business a success for all and providing a secure economic future through our Technology and products.

The ABD/AlphaRegional Team collectively has over 150 years’ experience working previously in all states and country regions of Australia which has given us an intimate knowledge of rural Australia and its opportunities.

This journey has given The ABD/AlphaRegional team the wonderful opportunity of meeting passionate, genuine people throughout regional Australia where the values of loyalty and trust still rank very highly.