GTL Renewable

GTL Renewable was developed to service consumers seeking access to renewable energy in a cost effective way. GTL’s vision is to ensure that the renewable energy revolution can benefit as many consumers as possible with its single solar technology, installation and service agreement solution whose points of difference are –

  • Zero upfront costs which means you start saving from day one!
  • Safest technology and leading manufacturer
  • One-stop service with online monitoring allowing regular check-ups on your system
  • Supply, installation and service of equipment with no up-front commitment
  • Full warranty on the system including services, maintenance, end of life replacement.

GTL takes care of you from start to finish with:

  • Free Consultancy

    Our energy specialist will help you analyse your energy usage and choose the most suitable system.

  • Free Onsite Inspection

    Our experienced installer will visit your site and decide the installation details.

  • Sign Agreement

    Press the button to go independent. We will take care of the rest of the process.

  • Installation

    We will discuss with you and arrange an installation date. Normally it can be finished within one day.

  • Go Independent

    Start saving and enjoy your life with renewable energy!

The GTL solution simply sells itself!